Almond date truffles

These nutritious little energy bombs made with super foods and wholesome ingredients are easy to make and perfect for a pre-workout snack or a sweet pick me up.

Creamy Cashew, Banana Smoothie

Nutritious, vibrant and ready in minutes, this creamy smoothie is the perfect way to boost your energy with real foods and the perfect addition to your breakfast.

Blend It into Hummus

Super boost traditional hummus by stirring greens powder into your recipe! A twist on the classic hummus recipe, this greens version is loaded with antioxidants, fiber and protein to fuel your day.

Raw Sandwich Cookies

A recipe you’ll actually crave for, these decadent cookies can be pretty darn addictive but they're also nutritious and healthy and that makes them the every day perfect treat.

Green Tart Smoothie

This incredibly fiber-rich and mineralizing smoothie, is a powerhouse of ingredients with a tropical taste that can kickstart digestion and boost your overall well-being.

Mix It into Chocolate

Make the most decadent desserts nutritive, stirring greens powder into chocolate. Now you can enjoy bites of delicious chocolate bars knowing you’re also getting alkalizing greens into your body, as well!

Maple Almond Fudge

Smooth, creamy and secretly healthy, this melt in your mouth fudge is probably the most nutritious version of fudge, not to mention it takes seconds to make.

Protein Green Smoothie

Packed full of natural protein, vitamins and minerals, this delicious green smoothie is the perfect way to start your day, keeping you fueled and ready to go.

Stir it into Salad Dressing

Drizzling greens powder over kale, spinach, and other crunchy veggies is a natural way to enjoy them! This simple green vinaigrette tastes great on over all your favorite salad combos.

Vanilla & Honey Avocado Pudding

A luxuriously creamy dessert, made from natural ingredients and packed with super greens, perfect to help you start each day full of energy and vitality.

Avocado Smoothie with Spirulina

Perfect for a morning vitamin-boost, this super nutrition’s smoothie is not only a healthy glass of creamy goodness but also the perfect mix of vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Add it to your Banana Muffins

Not just an incredibly soft, banana muffin made with the most decadent chocolate top, but a healthy dessert, packed with nutrients for all those who have a sweet tooth.

Paleo Baklava Bars

Enjoy a snack full of sweet nutty flavors and healthy fats that tastes like dessert but it’s made from real food, without being worried of getting too many calories.

Fennel, Ginger, and Chlorella Smoothie

This creamy, delicious detox drink is fiber-rich, it has a refreshing taste and can revitalize your body even in your groggiest morning.

Add a scoop to your Green Smoothie Bowl

Get your daily greens from this bowl of goodness, the perfect healthy breakfast, lunch or post workout snack!

Balsamic Buttermilk Sherbet

An unexpected combination with a sophisticated taste and an intense flavor of fruits, for all those who want a healthy alternative to the traditional ice cream.

Apple Berry Detox Smoothie

Start your day right with a delicious antioxidant hit and cleanse your body naturally with this vibrant and delicious fresh fruity smoothie.

Roasted Beet Hummus

Add some color to your life with this healthy, creamy power-packed appetizer. It’s nutrient-dense and it makes the perfect dip and spread for crackers, wraps and sandwiches.

No-Bake Carrot Cake Bars

A healthy twist on carrot cake, perfect for everyone that has a sweet tooth and wants to indulge in something amazing without feeling guilty.

Kale Strawberry Banana Detox Smoothie

Enjoy a healthy meal in a glass with this delicious elixir, full of nutrients and loaded with vitamins drink that can boost your whole day while purifying your body.

Carrot, Orange & Ginger Soup

A light, refreshing and nutritious soup both pleasing for the eye and to the palate that can warm you up with the zingy heat of ginger and citrus.

Apricot and Oat Bliss Balls

Another amazing bliss balls recipe to give you energy so you can thrive during the day, while enjoying a sweet, healthy treat you’ll definitely love.

Apple Chia Refresh

Refreshing and filling too, this smoothie can help you if you feel bloated or need a natural detox cleanse, being a perfect addition to your weight loss regime.

Iced- Turmeric Ginger Latte

This insanely delicious, creamy unique latte is not only an ancient healing drink with anti-inflammatory properties but also a great swap for caffeine.

Yoghurt Berry Mini Cheesecakes

Little bites of happiness, packed with superfoods but with a berry burst and topped with some fresh whip cream, they are simple to make, perfect for a family treat.

Yellow Turmeric Ginger

Start your day energized with this packed with nutrients, brilliantly bright yellow smoothie that will make you feel good from the inside out.

Kale Salad

Let us introduce you the healthiest and the tastiest salad that will still your heart with its amazing flavor and texture, with its vibrant colors and nutritious content.

Clean No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

Light and creamy, this decadent no-bake pie has a rich taste, it's extremely healthy and it’s the best quick-fix for your peanut butter cravings.

Pineapple Banana Detox Smoothie

Flush your body of toxins and get excited by drinking your fruits and veggies in this delicious and easy to make smoothie that is bursting with tropical flavors.

Chia Pudding

Creamy and loaded with nutrients, this healthy, balanced snack it’s one of the best and easiest recipes if you want a healthy, filling, high- fibre, breakfast!