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super foods,

real nutrition

Nourishment from

the inside out

Essential vitamins

and minerals

Nature's best remedies

for modern lifestyles

Highly effective ingredients, in the purest form

Support in 5 crucial

areas of health

100% transparency

No harmful chemicals,

artificial colors, flavors

or preservatives


ALLKME formulas are vegan daily supplements designed to look after your health by filling the common nutritional gaps that occur in your diet... These nutritional supplements are all-in-one natural solutions to enhance your health and natural beauty. We’ve been frequently asked what is a balanced diet and we truly believe that it’s all about nutrition and improving your overall well-being. This is why, we developed plant-based dietary supplements that contain the best superfood mix, thoughtfully formulated to be the best health support. These vegan alternatives fuel your body with vitamins, providing the best daily green boost so you can live your fullest. Our vegan daily multivitamins are the ultimate nutrition for the vegan society but also for all those who need some vegan energy. Our new range of vegan beauty supplements contain a plant protein mix, basically the best vegan protein that was tested to confirm its purity, consistency and potency.

Green Elixir- the best tasting supergreens - contains a nutrient dense blend of vegetables, fruits, herbs, minerals and vitamins that enable the body to work at its optimal level. This alkaline green powder can cover all of your daily nutritional needs and has a great impact on digestion, circulation and the nervous system. The benefits of drinking alkalizing greens powder are numerous from maximizing your diet to keeping you balanced during the day, whatever life throws at you. This vegan superfood powder is loaded with vital pure nutrients that are critical for assisting the body every day. So, if you have diet plans that should help you achieve a perfect balance of health and vitality, you should definitely add this raw beauty green superfood powder in your everyday routine to make sure you optimize the way you feel.

Inner Harmony, another carefully mixed blend of vitamins and minerals, greens and superfoods, is among the best vegan supplements for gut health and detox and it can help purifying the blood from toxins, boosting your metabolism and energy level, helping you get rid of excess water and working as a fat metabolizer in the same time. Because beauty begins in the belly, these vegan dietary supplements consisting in your necessary daily dose of essentials will assist in maintenance of your general well-being.

Our third formula, Youth Fountain is a vegan collagen supplement that will help your body produce a vital building bloc of collagen based on your unique genetics. Made from natural, plant-based ingredients, these superfood supplement capsules encourage new cellular growth and tissues regeneration. Harnessed from plants in their purest form, this vegan collagen complex promotes stronger and healthier hair, nails, bones, skin and ligaments, complementing your beauty routine. So, if you’re looking for vegan supplements for hair growth, vegan joint care or some vegan collagen tablets that can enhance the radiance of your skin, our plant-based formula has unique antioxidant and healing properties and ensures your body premium nutritional support to restore its elasticity and glow.