Guide for Influencers

What are we looking for?

Influencers that reflect the values of our brand and who have an interesting story that aligns with ALLKME, creating a genuine integration of our product into their daily life.

General Guidelines

  • It is important you will create eye-catching images that immediately hook
    the customer.
  • The ALLKME products need to be integrated seamlessly into your feed.
  • You will have to promote ALLKME visibility with our branded hashtags.
  • You will have to produce exclusive content illustrating the product benefits
    and innovation in a personal way.

Product Placement- General Directions

  • Product-focused content should cover a number of different types of content in which our product will play a direct role.
  • Product placement photos – SHOWING OR USING OUR PRODUCT.
  • Tutorials- HOW TO USE THE PRODUCT.
  • Before-and-after updates- SHINING HAIR, NICE NAILS, ENERGIZED ETC.

Examples for Influencers

Products being used

Images with our product into
your hands

  • Creating healthy recipes with the ALLKME products –  smoothies, detox Water, tonics etc. 
  • Creating video content and how-to demonstrations or food styling.
  • Using our product as a daily nutrition source at breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Product seen clearly even if not used

Draw in audience and show off the individual ‘personality’ that each product has.  

  • Creative product placement, 
  • Highlighting the glam factor in every image, 
  • Featuring the products in new and unique ways, 
  • Taking product photos with different backgrounds, 
  • Using fun props from different angles,

Contextual product placement

The feed should incite a feeling of adventure and wanderlust 

  • The products are placed into the background in a perfect environment for the brand. 
  • Images of customers in nature using our packs.
  • Use quote tiles with a graduated effect to break up the feed and promote a call to action. 

Promotional materials placement

Inspire through relevant health, fitness and mindset quotes

  • Use promotional materials/give-away to introduce our products.
  • We see images with our logo.
  • We know they used our product.
  • Involved in healthy activities (gym, sport etc.)

Unboxing photos/videos 

A look inside what makes YouTube unboxing videos/photos so addictive

  • Seeing you physically opening packages and giving viewers a sense of what a product looks and feels like and how it functions.
  • When you can’t touch or feel the product unboxing videos provide transparent, human validation and a glimpse at the product in a way that’s unmediated by the brand. 
  • Unboxing videos are live-action, name-traceable customer reviews: marketing gold dust.

Videos with influencers

Video is The New King of Influencer Marketing

  • Showing or using the product.
  • Reviews where you are sharing your experiences and opinions on our product.
  • Tutorials where you show audiences how to use our product.
  • Before-and-after updates, showing how a product works to maximum impact.

Our Signature Look

Main elements that represent our feed

  • Simple images
  • A minimalistic but striking color scheme.
  • Uniform quote tiles to break up the feed.
  •  The green and white combo we use contrasts against the rest of the feed.
  • Plants, herbs and leaves images.
  •  The entire feed has an aesthetically-pleasing, minimalistic effect.

Information to promote about the ALLKME products


  • The brand inspires positive change.
  • The idea of self-acceptance and empowerment.
  • Allkme promotes transparency, quality and sustainability.
  • Allkme promotes a healthier lifestyle around the world.


  • Educate the consumer to replace synthetic products that are well-known for their dangerous side effects with pure, natural and effective formulas form sustainable source.
  • Encourage people to experience the effects of balanced elements in their body, focusing on authentic wellness and longevity.
  • Encourage people to choose 100% NATURAL SUPERFOODS over the synthetic alternatives. 
  • Encourage people to completement their health routine with plant based minerals & vitamins that tend to lack from our modern diets. 
  • Encourage to reduce ecological impact throughout the entire natural chain.
  • Spreading a plant-based message. 


  • Personal approach including friends/family.
  • Human touch.

Benefits of ALLKME we need to promote

  • Made with simple-to-understand and minimally processed ingredients. 
  • Free of synthetic ingredients or preservatives, GMOs, allergens and gluten.
  • From plant-based nutrients that the body recognizes from nature.
  • Plant based-vegan, better for the environment.
  • Avoid the toxicity risk of animal-sourced supplements.
  • No synthetic fillers, toxic chemicals, artificial sweeteners.
  • The highest standards of quality and purity. 
  • They come from sustainable sources of nutrients. 
  • They contain a complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals and Phytonutrients only available in plant-based supplements.

Text examples

  • Getting my beauty routine on with ALLKME! Who is joining me? You have to try these plant-based, all-natural products. They did wonders for me.
  • Hey Guys, great news! There’s a new brand on the market that will tune your health and beauty with natural, plant-based ingredients. Get this unique formula from here:
  • Feelin’ fit, lookin fancy after my afternoon ALLKME smoothie.
  • Drinking my ALLKME detox shake to achieve that natural beauty glow. Full recipe in here: 
  • So many of you ladies have asked me what’s the secret of my awesomeness. I add ALLKME to my daily beauty routine. Wanna join my venture? Check-out ALLKME and discover how to reach awesomeness.
  • I will use the ALLKME green powder on my pre work drink, giving it a good shake and I can officially start my morning. Nature’s Gift is a complex formula to support a healthier system, from your gut to your skin to your energy.


#ALLKMEtoo     #AllkMeTime     #allkme     #allkmehealth

FTC guidelines
Don’t forget to disclose if you received a free product or if you are being paid to post. 
Using hashtags and other forms of post tagging to clearly state a paid partnership is best practice (i.e., #advertisement, #sponsored, etc.)