About All K Me

Our roots

All K Me is a brand that inspires positive change, encouraging people to experience the effects of pure, balanced elements in their body, focusing on authentic wellness and longevity.

Its natural philosophy and practice are based on the idea of self-acceptance and empowerment, as a responsibility for our health and happiness and a reflection of real wealth.

ALLKME goes back to the roots of plant-based ingredients as sustainable sources of vitamins & minerals that cultivate health, wellbeing and balance but tend to lack from our modern diets. 
The evolution of beauty starts from within, enhancing the inner health, continues with a revived outer beauty and ends with a transformation of the world around us.

Our powerfull mission

Just like real alchemists, we consciously selected native herbs over the synthetic alternatives found in most of the products, having a holistic natural approach that closes the circle at the society level, just like Mother Nature intended

Our meaningful connection with Nature is driven by three key principles and basic consumer rights: transparency, quality and sustainability, as a responsibility we all share for the health and beauty and reflection of the world around us.

A part of local ecosystem, our new wave of innovative products is meant to empower, shape, purify and invigorate the body and mind, nourishing all the needs of the body and promoting a healthier lifestyle around the world.

Our approach

Conquering the business world with kindness we are redefining beauty from within, listening to your body needs and enhancing your healthy routine with pure, botanical, wildcrafted, luxury, ethical and cruelty free ingredients.

Our innovative, holistic approach is meant to bring people closer to the nature with these natural formulas full of care and passion for their wellbeing, experiencing everyday the joyful of using our products.

Our blueprint for health is: choosing natural ingredients is better for us and our world!

Our promise to you

Products you can believe in!

Plant-based Ingredients. Pure.

We chose the science of plants using only the highest quality ingredients from all-natural sources, free from unnecessary chemicals, to produce the most effective and pure formulas

Rooted in Science

We tested and re-tested with advanced microbiological screening to confirm our ingredients purity, consistency and potency.

Original, Unique formulas

Exceeding the highest standards of quality and purity because of the superior ingredients and the cutting-edge techniques, our unique vegan formulas for health are free of starch, gluten, additives and preservatives.

Mission, Mark

Our mission is to inspire and promote change and empowerment as a reflection of wellness for us and the world around us.

Ideal Balance

Pure, natural and effective our products will help you achieve your inner balance enhancing your health and reviving your beauty


Part of our ecosystem our products come from sustainable sources of nutrients that we need in our body, reducing our ecological impact throughout the entire natural chain.


What you put in your body is important and it reflects in your health and beauty, this is why these game-changing products make the difference by being effective