How to Detox Your Post Party Beauty Regime ?

How to Detox Your Post Party Beauty Regime ?
Adela Alexa

Parties can be stressful for the skin because of sleep deprivation, all the booze you’ve had, not to mention the party resistant makeup you wore.

To restore your sensitive skin to its former glory, ALLKME will show you how to let your skin breath, how to stimulate repair and regeneration and the main benefits of a post-party detox beauty regime while embracing a natural, nourished look.

  1. Cleanse like a pro

Not only you have to cleanse your skin in the morning and in the night with the best removing make-up formulas and cleansing oils but you also have to enhance your beauty inside-out with a natural collagen formula that can restore your skin elasticity and glow.

Leaving your skin fresh and clean, removing the dirt and pollutants is just the first step of bringing that healthy radiance back.

  1. Peel away those skin sins

In order to rejuvenate its look, a good peeling can also help. If you have a sensitive skin try a milder peel solution and soft cotton pads to avoid any reactions and increase intensity gradually if you need, after the second application.

  1. Detox with mud

Try some masks as well for a deeper cleanse to stimulate the skin cells regeneration, then give the face a five minutes massage to reduce the puffed look and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

You can use a mud-based mask that will draw out toxins from your skin and a hydrating moisturizer afterwards.

  1. Enhance the collagen levels

Re-stimulating collagen growth is the key to a long-lasting youthful glow. A naturally occurring protein, it forms a matrix in the skin that encourages new cellular growth, complementing your beauty routine. There are all kind of supplements that can help your body synthesize a vital building bloc of collagen but the body doesn’t always recognize and absorb synthetic vitamins.

This is why we created ALLKME’S unique formula, Youth Fountain, made from 45 unique natural wholefoods, plants and herbs for easy uptake at a cellular level.

It is designed specifically to address skin firmness, fine lines, free-radical damage and aid skin maintenance while neutralizing and eliminating the toxins that get into your body every day;

  1. When it comes to make-up, strip it back to the bare necessities

It’s all about the base. Choose foundations and base products that will treat the skin, as well as provide the daytime coverage you need. Formulas that include ingredients such as peptides and antioxidants will soothe and hydrate the skin, while smoothing out skin tone.

Your body loves you. Love it back and enhance its radiance from within! It will reward you with its glow!