Supercharge Your Immune System Naturally

Supercharge Your Immune System Naturally

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Good nutrition is the base for being healthy, feeling good, energized and perform at your optimum best. Incorporating in your diet superfoods that will nourish every cell of your body in combination with quality sleep and a regular exercise routine, will boost your immune system, make you look and feel good!

So, what are these superfoods and what do they give to our organism?

Superfoods are five-star foods that contain great doses of antioxidants, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins & fibers that support optimum health.

Most of the time, they come in powder form and consist of veggies and fruits, creating a dense nutrient blend, basically a balanced meal on your way to the door.


Most of the conventional green powders contain additives, fillers and other synthetic ingredients that can be toxic for your body. Others may contain allergen traces like gluten, soy, dairies or wheat.

ALLKME GREENS are made from certified organic ingredients that come from natural sustainable sources. They do not contain toxins and pesticides, they are pure, easily absorbed by the body and environment friendly.

They are superior from the conventional ones because they preserve the integrity of the ingredients being loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, supporting a healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.


  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial flavors
  • Dextrins + Fillers
  • Gluten & other allergens


  1. Greens helps with weight loss

Being able to regulate your sugar cravings and your appetite, while nourishing the body daily with fruits and vegetables, ALLKME Greens are a good Body Fuel, increasing satiety and encouraging weight loss. All you have to do is to mix 1 serve of Green Elixir with your protein shake and you’ll obtain the perfect wholefood supplement that provides 30 % of your daily intake of greens.

  1. Greens strengthen immune function

ALLKME GREENS is designed for absorption at a cellular level, enabling the body to work at its optimal with a great impact on digestion, circulation, the nervous system, hair, skin and nails, and the body's production of hormones. It is easily absorbed by the body so if your immune system is compromised having a deficiency in nutrients, a boost of oxidants can help you produce more antibodies and fight against immune related problems.

  1. Greens energizes the body

This nutrient rich powder provides an energy boost before and after your workout, enhancing the ability to focus during your training session and increasing your mental alertness.

  1. Greens supports digestive health

Rich in prebiotics, The Green Elixir from ALLKME helps promote a balanced gut flora and healthy bowel function. Make sure to combine it with Inner Harmony in order to detoxify your body and restore and build a healthy gut barrier.

  1. Greens is anti-ageing

Good skin starts from within and ALLKME is an opportunity to enhance your outer look by nourishing your inner health. Youth Fountain is our rich in antioxidants formula that gives strength and structure to your skin encouraging new cellular growth and enhancing the glow of your youth.


The ALLKME GREENS are available HERE.



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