Do you need some winter-tips to keep your spirits from sinking?

Do you need some winter-tips to keep your spirits from sinking?

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Here is how we plan to beat the winter blues, fight winter allergies, stay active in cold weather, eat well during the winter months, and more.

ALLKME is here to show you how to beat the winter blues and how to enhance your ability to enjoy life those days with 5 p.m. sunsets, erratic temperatures and plenty of snow and ice.

If you’re suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), experiencing mood shifts, lethargy and feeling gloomy in the darker days of winter, it probably is already affecting all aspects of your life from work to relationships.

This type of depression that usually starts in the fall and ends with the first days of spring, it’s more than winter blues and it can feel like a curse, so it is very important to get help.

Its main reason is related with the natural light and the lower level of sun we’re getting during winter that usually makes serotonin levels go down. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, so it’s responsible by enjoyment in your life and even work performance.

Here is how we plan to beat the winter blues, fight SAD, stay active in cold weather, eat well during the winter months, and more.

  1. Recognize the signs

First important thing is to recognize these symptoms that are the hallmarks of SAD. So, if you have sleep difficulties, if you lost interest in activities that you usually enjoy or started to withdraw and isolate from your friends and family while in the same time feeling depressed every day, not taking initiative, struggling to focus at work because of fatigue or even worse, feeling hopeless about your future and having suicidal thoughts, you should not ignore these depressive symptoms and consider seeing a doctor.

  1. Don't ignore your symptoms

If you’re not feeling well, experiencing even milder symptoms like these, make some diagnostic test, maybe even a complete blood count to rule out some physical problems. If the symptoms interfere with your life in general, it’s time to take action.

  1. Find a treatment that works for you

There are different treatments that can alleviate your symptoms from light therapy to sport and healthy eating. Here are just a few of the options:

  • Sunlight: Try to expose yourself to sun whenever you can, talking a walk in the park at noon or doing some outdoor activity. It will help boosting your serotonin production and increase your overall mood.
  • Light therapy: There are some boxes with white fluorescent bulbs that mimic the sunlight that can regulate the release of melatonin which increases when the sun goes down and you can look at the light box once per day, to take your dose without agitation and headaches that other treatments can have as a side effect.
  • Exercise: Considered nature’s best antidepressant, exercise increases the serotonin levels and the endorphins that usually affect your mood.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: More effective as a long-term treatment for SAD, cognitive therapy is clinically proven to be beneficial for all types of depression.
  • Medication: You can regulate the chemical imbalance with antidepressants as well, but it’s important to talk to a doctor before.
  1. Embrace a healthy lifestyle

 A healthy lifestyle can keep your hormones in balance and regulate your mood even in winter. Try getting to sleep at the same hour everyday to normalize your circadian rhythms, structure your meal program so you can eat three meals a day, avoid sweet foods and carbs replacing them with fruits, vegetables and whole grains and try to stay connected with your friends and family as much as you can, engaging in activities you enjoy.

  1. Complete your daily diet with natural supplements

Rebalance and nourish your body with superfoods high in vitamins, minerals, fiber to help reestablish a healthy equilibrium.

Try the three ALLKME formulas, the greens, the collagen enhance and the cleansing one to complete your health and beauty routine as they are made from pure, botanical, wildcrafted, luxury, ethical and cruelty free ingredients.


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