Cleanse Your Way to Perfect Skin

Cleanse Your Way to Perfect Skin

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Did you know that a detox cure can help you achieve a radiant, glowing skin?

Yes, the biggest organ in your body needs cleansing as well, from all the pollutants, chemicals, dirt, make-up and other factors that contribute to accumulation of toxins in our skin. But how do we know when we need to start a skin detoxing routine?

Well, since the skin is our body’s largest organ, all the internal problems you have will be reflected outside, directly on your skin. So, if things are not functioning good in your body, it will show up with signs of irritation or inflammation such as redness, blemishes, breakouts, excess oil, dry scaly skin, discoloration, eye bags or general skin dullness.

What happens is that your skin pores get clogged whilst trying to compensate the things that are not functioning well in your body. When the lymphatic system that usually rids the body of water retention, infections and inflammation slows down, your skin becomes congested. A clogged skin is not able to renew itself.

Basically, if you are unhealthy on the inside, you will look unhealthy on the outside, this is why it is very important to start your skin detox plan with what you’re putting in your body and continue with some calming products from the outside.

It All Starts with Diet

Cutting out the junk from your diet, avoiding processed and fried foods, limiting your carbs and gluten intake and fuelling your body with nutrient-dense detoxifiers is important for your overall health and for a healthy skin as well.

A healthy gut can ensure that these nutrients are correctly absorbed, leading to good absorption of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your skin needs in order to look young and healthy.

But how to improve gut health?

Make sure your gut contains a wealth of good bacteria by adopting a balanced diet, as well as getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. Improving your gut health and supporting your digestive system can fight all these skin problems from acne to rashes.

To re-balance your gut health and to support the digestive function, you need to nurture your body with a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and probiotics. This way you can also boost your liver function that is responsible for removing toxins from your body.

A good cleansing will speed up your skin’s recovery, keeping it in tip-top shape. It will remove all toxins and impurities inside your skin, will cleans its pores, improve the skin tone, rejuvenating it and improving its appearance.

What should you eat in order to detox your skin?

You should adopt a strong, balanced whole-foods based diet that contains organically grown veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, whole grains and seeds. Also, you should consider avoiding common food intolerance items such as gluten, soy, diary, peanuts, corn, eggs or shellfish. Make sure that you also add in your diet detox friendly foods that can improve digestion and support the gut health, assisting our body’s natural detox process. Here are some of the greatest natural detoxifiers:

  1. Green tea

Packed with polyphenol antioxidants, green tea can induce detoxification, neutralizing the toxins and allowing them to be eliminated via urine.

  1. Dandelion

Dandelion is well known for its cleansing properties, fighting against oxidative stress, reducing this way the risk of infections and inflammation.

  1. Lemon zest

D-limonene is a compound found in lemon that can reverse oxidative damage, while helping you stay hydrated, another thing that help you remove toxins out of the body.

  1. Leafy greens

All leafy greens contain chlorophyll that can remove the chemicals and even the heavy metals from your body.

  1. Algae

Chlorella and Spirulina can increase the activity of those enzymes that can get rid of toxic metals and chemicals such as mercury, giving your detox diet a boost.

  1. Cruciferous vegetables

All cruciferous veggies such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli contain glucosinolates with a high amount of sulfur that can remove toxins and protect the body against inflammation and even cancer. They are also high in fiber, promoting gut bacteria and a functional digestive system.

  1. Beets

Full of betalains that can reduce inflammation and repair the liver cells, beets can improve the blood flow and boost the cleansing process with a high number of dietary nitrates.

  1. Herbs and spices

Parsley contains Vitamins C and acts like a natural diuretic, accelerating the excretion of toxins, especially mercury and heavy metals. It also can prevent bloating, combating the growth of unfriendly bacteria in the gut.

  1. Berries

All berries are low in sugar, high in fiber and loaded with potent antioxidants that can scavenge free radicals while helping you with your sugar cravings.

  1. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich in fiber and antioxidants promoting optimal digestion and moving the food through the body faster.

Adding all these antioxidant rich veggies, fruits and quality proteins in your food regime is a long-term approach to living a healthy life, supporting your body that is exposed to toxins and supercharging your gut power.

But sometimes it’s not so easy to add all these goodies into your diet. Luckily there are supplements that can gently sweep the gut of impurities, helping you achieve a cleaner digestive tract, a more nourished body and a shinier, glowing skin.

Inner Harmony, from ALLKME can be added to your morning smoothie or juice, increasing your energy levels while purifying your body.

These natural gut health supplements contain an amazing blend of natural, plant-based detoxifiers with high levels of Vitamins (C, K, D), fiber, probiotics that can bring the body back into balance. This powder will deliver all essential nutrients your body needs while assisting healthy gut bacteria.

We love adding one scoop of Inner Harmony to our oatmeal, smoothie or muesli in the mornings to help balance our appetite and boost our energy levels. Its vegan ingredients are antioxidant rich and have anti-inflammatory properties that can support the skin's natural regenerative process and promote a healthy, glowing complexion.

So, if you want to supercharge your detox diet and obtain a healthy skin, make sure you nourish your body from within with Inner Harmony. It contains nutrients tailored to reduce free radicals, support the detox process and help maintain skin firmness, elasticity, health and strength.

Don't forget to exercise and sleep well

Sweating is a sure way for your body to remove toxins, so try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It can be very helpful in the cleansing process. In addition to this, help your brain repair itself by getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. This restorative sleep will help repair cell damage from toxins and other pollutants.

Continue your skin care routine with a dermal detox

A dermal detox means dedicating a week to removing toxins, impurities and dead skin cells from your skin, allowing it to renew and revitalize itself. It can kick-start cell regeneration, tightening your dermis and making it look amazing. There are several steps you can follow do detox your skin on a daily basis:

 STEP 1: PREP | Start by clearing out your pores with a great exfoliator or book a session of facial cleansing with a dermatologist. Deeply cleansing your skin speeds up the process and helps to remove any buildup from the outside. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before cleansing or avoid wearing makeup while detoxing your skin. In case you have to wear makeup, use safe products that are free of toxic ingredients. After the exfoliator, apply a face mask to deeply cleaning your pores and a charcoal mask for balancing oily, breakout-prone skin.

STEP 2: NOURISH | Cut out sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol because they can dehydrate your skin, making harder for the cleansing process to happen. Steam your newly renewed dermis for about 10 minutes to open your facial pores and extract dirt. Add an antioxidant serum to your nightly skincare and rub it into your skin in circular motions. Allow your serum to penetrate deeper into the skin in order to rejuvenate and restore. Add retinol or Vitamin C to the areas with spots and finish with a rich moisturizer in order to seal in the nutrients that you are adding to your face. Complete this step in the evening, so your skin can focus on cell renewal whilst you sleep.

STEP 3: MAINTAIN | Try to transform cleansing in a daily routine, no matter your skin type. Choose a good cleanser and repeat the procedure twice a day, in the morning and in the night. Do not use harsh products that can irritate your skin or cause more damage than good!

For the rest of your body, try dry brushing. It is an excellent way of detoxifying plus it will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Give your skin a chance to heal! There’s nothing better to get your skin in tip top shape except eating healthy and maintaining a great daily skincare routine. It’s never too late to start.

Run through all of these steps every day across the week of your dermal detox for best results.

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