Carrots - A Nutritional Punch With Each Crunch

Carrots - A Nutritional Punch With Each Crunch

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Beside the fact that carrots provide Vitamin A, they also host a lot of health benefits because they are rich in beta-carotene, polyphenols, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins that act as immuno-enhancers, anticarcinogens or antioxidants. This crunchy power-food has also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and it can protect the liver, the kidneys and the cardiovascular health, ensuring you will be healthy and live longer. Furthermore, carrots can reduce cholesterol, optimize digestion, detoxify the body, boost oral health, reduce signs of premature aging and boost the immune system.

This influx of vitamins and minerals is responsible for many of the carrot benefits. They have a wealth of valuable nutrition that can help nearly every part of your body!

But let’s see exactly in what way carrots might be healthful:

  1. Improve vision

Eating large amounts of carrots can enhance eyes’ health, protecting against macular degeneration and senile cataracts. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, three natural compounds that are required to prevent loss of vision during old age.

Beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A in the liver and in rhodopsin in the retina. Rhodopsin is a purple pigment that it’s necessary for night vision, helping the eyes adjusting to the dark. Studies have shown that one large carrot can provide more than 200% of your daily need for Vitamin A and that eating large amounts of carrots can lower the risk of macular degeneration with 40%. Vitamin A deficiency, on the other hand can lead to xerophthalmia/night blindness, damaging the normal vision.  

  1. Can prevent cancer

Carotenoids have been also associated to a reduced risk of lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and Leukemia. Research showed that those who consume foods with a high intake of carotenoid could lower the risk of lung cancer by 21%. Carrot juice can also protect the tissues from developing cancerous cells.

  1. Slow down aging

Carrots are packed with antioxidants that are crucial in protecting the body from the cells' damage. Those free radicals can weaken the body, leading to degenerative processes and normal ageing. But these free radicals can also be neutralized by the beta-carotene that reverses the signs of aging, fighting against oxidative stress.

Beta-carotene is also converted in Vitamin A. This vitamin can protect your skin from UV rays while also fight against acne, dry skin, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, blemishes and premature wrinkling. Preventing dehydration, it will help your skin remain soft, moisture and supple, making it look bright and youthful. More than this, Vitamin A can help your skin’s cells regenerate, having a vital role in the body's natural collagen synthesis. 

If you want to feel younger and more energized while your body produces more collagen that rejuvenates you from inside, making your skin moisture and elastic and offering it a youthful glow, add more carrots to your meals.

    4. Protect teeth and gums

The essential nutrients in carrots have anti-bacterial properties that can clean your teeth and mouth. They can also trigger more saliva that has alkaline properties balancing the acid-forming in the mouth and preventing this way the cavity forming bacteria. Bacteria growth can cause dental problems such as bleeding gums or tooth decay so, carrots can scrape off the food particles, removing the stains and plaque after every meal.

But the fibers in carrots act as a cleaning tool as well, supporting the gut health, hasten waste movement and cleaning the insides while it travels through your digestive tract. Vitamin A can also assist your liver in cleansing the body from toxins while it reduces the fat and the bile.

  1. Prevent heart disease

The regular carrots consumption can ensure your heart stays healthy, by neutralizing the effect of oxidation and reducing the cholesterol levels. A lower cholesterol level can determine an increased bile production, while the soluble fibers found in carrots bind with bile acids. This way the fat deposits assimilated in our body are reduced and the cardiovascular system can defend itself against dangerous heart diseases.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that people who eat more orange colored vegetables that are high in carotenoids (alpha-carotene, beta-carotene) or lutein, can lower the risk of developing heart diseases and prevent a stroke by 32%.

The potassium in carrots is also important in regulating blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage the heart as well. If you consume too much salty food, the active substances carrots contain can sweep excess sodium and flush it out of your body, which takes pressure off the heart.

All these make carrots a good choice for those who want to prevent a heart disease. So, if you want to live long and protect your heart, don’t forget to add carrots in your diet.

  1. Help prevent infection

Carrots can support your immunity, by fighting against infection and acting as a barrier that keeps germs out of the body. Vitamin A plays an important role in protecting mucous membranes, making it harder for germs and bacteria to enter the blood stream.  

  1. Lower risk of developing diabetes

The beta-carotene in carrots have a strong effect on the blood sugar levels and this is what makes carrots a diabetic-friendly food. Researches have shown that people who consume regularly carrots or foods that contain beta-carotene can reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes or prevent this disease.

  1. Better Digestion

Its high content of fiber is crucial for the digestion. So, if you want to prevent constipation that can also lead to hemorrhoids, increase the intake of carrots and they’ll help your body expel waste materials.

Bottom Line

Not only carrots have lots of nutrients, such as bones' supporting Vitamin K, Vitamin B complex and a wide array of antioxidants that your body needs to maintain its functions, but they are also supporting your health due to their anti-inflammatory properties and other compelling benefits. Include various colors of carrots in your diet and provide your body the essential nutrients it needs to keep you healthy. Or try our plant-based formula, Youth Fountain that contains carrots and other 33 important ingredients for a nourished body.


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